Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gold Jewelry

We made these earrings to use in telling stories about Egypt, Esther, and Moses (People came and gave their gold jewelry to be melted to use for the tabernacle.) We just took those silver rings which are commonly used to hold papers together and spray painted them gold.  Then we opened them up and let the children put 3 gold beads on each one.  The rings are large enough that these earrings just slip over the top of the earlobe and rest there.  They turned out real cute on the kids!
We made these necklaces from juice can lids.  We spray painted the lids gold and punched a hole in the top with an ice pick.  We looped a gold string through the hole.  The children were able to decorate by adding "jewels" which were actually sticky back earrings that were originally made for little girls to stick on their ears.   These could be made using an old CD.  The CD already has a hole so there is no need to punch it out.  Just spray paint and decorate.  If larger jewels are desired, purchase the jewels which are flat on one side at the local craft store and hot glue them on.

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