Sunday, August 5, 2012

Prayer Friends

Prayer Friends

I found these bendable photo kids at Oriental Trading.  (These exact ones are no longer available but they have some bendable stick figures that are similar at

I took pictures of each child and put them in the photo spots.  Each week I gave the children one bendable person with a picture of one of the friends in our class.  They were to take the bendable person home and put it in a special spot to remind them to pray every day for that specific friend.  They brought that bendable person back each week and took home a new friend to pray for.  It was thrilling to see the children ask their friend what they would like them to pray for and how things went that week.  They were excited to see how God answered their prayers.  They learned that sometimes God said "yes", sometimes God said, "no", and sometimes God said "wait".
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