Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Aaron's Rod Turns into a Snake

Aaron's Rod Turns into a Snake
Exodus 7

The top picture is a picture of the back of a plastic snake I found at the Dollar Store.  I found some larger ones and some smaller ones.  When I tell the story, I use two larger ones connected together.  I take the head off of one and the tail off the other.  I connect the two snakes into one really long snake.  When holding it beside me to look like a rod, I hold the head in my hand where they cannot see it.  I make sure the kids see this back side of the snake so it looks like I have a rod in my hand.

When the story indicates, I toss the "rod" down and it curls up where the kids can see the snake side.  

I purchase these smaller ones for the kids to take home.  They aren't rod size for them but they do get the point across.  They get a kick out of turning their "rods" into snakes.

(Sometimes I paint the back of the snake to look more like a rod, but it is not necessary.)
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