Monday, March 26, 2012

Saul's Conversion

Acts 9:1-19
Take an empty, washed Pringles chip container, glue construction paper on the outside of it, and cut an opening near the bottom. 

Put some Easter grass in the bottom. Cut out a little man out of fun foam (I used a Sizzix die cut.) Put fun foam clothes on both sides. Put small googly eyes on one side and just two white glue dots for eyes on the other.  Glue a small amount of doll hair on his head if desired. Stand Saul up in the grass with the googly eyes showing. 

When you tell the part in the story where Saul is blinded by the light, turn Saul around and shine a flashlight down into the Pringles container from the top. It will make a "bright light". The white dots for eyes will make him look blind.

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