Monday, April 9, 2012

Handwriting on the Wall Blacklight

Daniel 5
To make this type of scene, I purchased a cheap off white or cream colored flat bed sheet.  I cut the sheet into fourths.  This is painted on one of those fourths.  I found a simple coloring book picture of the scene that I wanted and made it larger using a transparency and overhead projector.  (The more detailed the picture, the more challenging this type of project will be.  Keep it simple!)

Top picture: 
My daughter and I painted the scene with acrylic paints.  We painted the handwriting with glow in the dark acrylic paint.  When complete, we heat set the picture in the dryer. In person, it's very hard to see the yellow in the middle but the camera picked up more than I thought it would.

Bottom picture: 
At the appropriate part of the story, we turned off the lights and turned on a blacklight.  (Blacklights are easier to find at Halloween but several home improvement stores carry them year round.)  To do this without a blacklight, set the picture out in the open so it can get light - sunlight or flourescent light.  This will allow the glow in the dark paint to "charge".  When ready to use, just turn off the lights and it will glow! 

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