Monday, March 3, 2014

Repentance Activity

Repentance Activity
John the Baptist Prepares the Way
Matthew 3:1-12

Finding activities to go along with the story of John the Baptist can be rather tricky.  When creating this activity, I had in mind children who like to move around and not sit still or children who have been sitting all day in school.  

For this activity, you will need one set of the red, purple, orange, blue or yellow cards per team and one copy of the green cards.  The green cards have words that would show behavior of a person who has repented. The other colored cards show negative behaviors.

Tape or pin the green cards to the wall in different places around the room in a random order.  Give each team a set of colored cards (red, orange, etc.).  Have each team go around the room and find the repentant behavior card to match their card.  (I paired my struggling readers with my strong readers so they could help each other.)  

Have the children use an erasable marker to write the number of the green card on the back of their card.  For example, if their first card is “lies”, then they must find the green card that says “tells the truth”.  Because there is a number 3 on the card that says "tells the truth", the children would write the number 3 on their card that says “lies”.  (This way the other groups don’t see what they have chosen.)

When the groups have finished, come back together and discuss their findings.

The children have enjoyed moving around the room and working in partners on this activity.  

For instructions and printable cards, click on photo.
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