Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Achan's Sin Takehome

Achan's Sin
Joshua 7
Movable pages can be a fun way for the children to retell the story.  Children can make one of their own and discover the robe, shekels of silver and bar of gold under Achan's tent.  

  • Get one piece of brown construction paper.
  • Turn it portrait style.
  • Cut out a tent from the brown construction paper and glue it close to the top of the page. (The pattern is smaller than the tent pictured.)
  • Cut a small piece of fabric to be the robe.
  • Cut a small piece of gold paper to be the bar of gold.
  • Hole punch several small circles from silver paper to be the shekels.
  • Glue them into place between the two folds.  (See pictures above.)
  • Fold the tent over the pieces to hide them.

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