Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Boy Jesus at the Temple

Where is Jesus?Luke 2:41-52

Children have fun looking for Jesus in this precious little flip book.  After telling the story of Jesus as a boy staying behind in Jerusalem and his parents looking everywhere for him, the preschoolers can make this little flip book to help them retell the story.  They will be looking everywhere for Jesus.  Is Jesus in the tent? No.  Is he in the tree?  No.  Is he hiding behind a rock? No.  Where can Jesus be?

Materials Needed:
  1. 3 pieces of construction paper 
  2. Various items that Jesus could have been behind cut out from paper.  (I used a tree, tent, rock, camel, and finally a small temple die cut)
  3. Tape
  4. Stapler
  5. Sticker of boy Jesus or a printed out picture of Him
  1. Lay the construction paper down on a table portrait style. Cut the three pieces of construction paper in half.  This will make two books.
  2. Get 3 of the smaller pages. Fold them in half to make a book.  Put two staples in the spine of the book to hold it together.
  3. Print out the title or write the title on the first page.  Title and Words
  4. Let the children glue on the title and tape the pieces on each page as follows:
    1. Glue the title on the cover page of the book.
    2. On the first page, tape the tent to the page.  Put tape at the top of the tent. Only put one small piece of tape at the top so the children can lift up the tent and see if Jesus is there.

3.  On the second page, tape the tree to the page.  Put one piece at the top of the tree so children can lift it up to see if Jesus is there.

4. On the third page, tape the rock to the page.  This time, have the children put tape at the bottom or the side of the rock (just to add enjoyment and variation).

 5. On the fourth page, tape the camel.  Put the tape in a different spot so the camel will be lifted a different way.

 6. On the last page, put a sticker or glue a printed out boy Jesus in the middle of the page. Tape the temple cutout where it can be lifted and the children can find Jesus.

7. If desired, have the children glue the words to the top or bottom of each page. On the back of the book, have the children glue the Bible story.

8.  Go back through the book and have the children practice "reading" it to you so they can tell others this story.  

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