Thursday, October 25, 2012

Altoid Tin Fishing Game

Altoid Tins make great crafts.  I took this one and spray painted it blue. This is a game for older children as the pieces can be pretty small.

I cut out some small fish from fun foam and hot glued magnets on the back of each one.  I made a small fishing pole with a string attached (and a magnet on the end of the string).  I have used this game when teaching about Tax Money in a Fish (Matthew 17:24-27).  I glue a small paper coin on the back of one fish and they have to find it.  I have also used this game for Jesus Calling His Disciples or  "Fishers of Men".  I wrote the names of the apostles on each fish and they had to fish out each one and put them in the order in which they were called. 

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  1. I had to pin this into 2 boards because I have an entire board for altoid tins, in addition to my board for the Gospels.

  2. Here I am checking Pinterest for a fresh idea for next week's Bible lessons at school. My pinterest link sent me to a 10 commandment with hands printout from I traced back my pinterest source and came to this blog! I've been here before...and didn't realize it was you, Angela! (From Michelle L. in San Antonio!!)

  3. Hey there, Michelle!! Hope you can find some ideas you can use.