Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cardboard Sheep

A really sweet friend showed me how to make these sheep.  I made several and used them in lessons on David, the Shepherd and Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

  • Cut out a sheep shape from cardboard.  You can get a very simple coloring page and blow it up to be a pattern.  We made ours in various sizes.  (We cut out some patterns and put them on the table on the right of the picture.)
  • Spray paint the cardboard white. Let it dry.  Spray paint the other side of the cardboard.  Let it dry.
  • Cut PVC pipe to make 4 legs per sheep.  The length depends on the size of the sheep.  
  • Put black duct tape around the bottom of the PVC pipes to be the hooves.
  • Hot glue the top 1/4 to 1/2 of each PVC pipe leg to the white cardboard.  Make sure the legs are all glued at the same height so the sheep will stand up.
  • Get some quilt batting.  Cut out the same sheep shape but also cut out a small place for the face. (Cut out two pieces per sheep.)
  • Using spray adhesive, glue the batting to the cardboard on both sides of the cardboard sheep.
  • Draw eyes with a permanent marker.
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