Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lost Coin Flashlight Book for Older Children

I have started teaching some older children this quarter.  I decided to adapt my Lost Coin Flashlight booklet and make it quite a bit more challenging so older children would enjoy it.  I took regular coloring pages and used Photoshop to place a hidden coin in each picture.  I used some coloring pages about parables first and then used some pages with modern day scenes.  

Lost Coin Flashlight Booklet

Lost Coin Flashlight Booklet for Younger Children

How to make this one:
  1. Print the cover page and cut it in half.  (It can be printed in black and white.) Fold the two pages in half to make books.
  2. Print the first page (parables coloring page) onto a transparency.  Then cut the transparency into fourths.
  3. Print the second page (modern day coloring page) onto a transparency.  Then cut that transparency into fourths.
  4. Cut pieces of black construction paper the same size as the transparencies.  You will need 8 of these pieces.
  5. Place a piece of black construction paper behind each transparency.  
  6. Place all those pieces into a stack (transparency, black paper, transparency, black paper, etc.) and put the cover page on it.  Staple the side to make a book.
  7. Cut a small piece of white paper to be the flashlight. (See photo in the instructions page mentioned above.)
  8. Place the flashlight between the transparency and the black paper to search for the lost coin on each page.
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