Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fishers of Men Card Game

Fishers of Men Game

This is an exciting way for children to get to know who the other children are in their class. When the children first arrive in class, I divide them up into small groups. (I have several decks of these cards made up.)  I give each group a deck of the cards and let them play the game which is similar to "Go Fish".  Sometimes I include pictures of missionaries, ministers, or elders so they can get to know who they are as well.

The instructions for making this game are a little more challenging since I was unable to upload a publisher document that can be edited.  


There are two different ways to make this.  One is to print the .pdf file on the instructions page.  Click here for the instructions page.  Then print and glue the pictures on the front.  Laminate and cut apart.

The second way involves computer work:
  1. Print and Create cards
  2. Front Cards
  3. Back Cards
  4. Open up Microsoft Word or Publisher.  Set your page orientation at landscape instead of portrait.
  5. Click on "insert a picture".  Insert the Fishers of Men Front picture.
  6. Increase the picture size to be the full size of the page.
  7. Insert the child's picture and put it in place.  You may have to format this picture to be in the front. Be sure to make two cards with each picture and name.
  8. Insert a text box and put the child's name.
  9. Continue until all children's pictures are in place.  You will need to make more than one page made like this.
  10. Insert a new page.  
  11. Insert the "Fishers of Men Back" picture.  
  12. Increase the picture size to be the full size of the page.
  13. Print the pages with the children's pictures on the front and the "Fishers of Men" words on the back.
  14. Laminate.
  15. Cut apart.
  16. Play the game!

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