Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Game Boards

Generic Game Boards

I like to make these generic game boards using file folders and stickers.  

Pick a starting point and write the word "start" on or under that sticker.  Pick an end point.  Write the word "finish" on or below that sticker.  You can use  spinners (purchased at a teacher store) or dice or cards or whatever you choose in order to let the players move.  Playing pieces can be just about any small object that will stay in one spot.  I have used small wooden pegs, small cubes, etc.

One game I like to play with the pink game board is called "The Obey Game".  I made cards which have directions written on them.  If you "obey" the directions on the card, you get to move forward the number of spaces written on the card.  I use this as an application game when we study stories in the Bible about obedience.

  • Make a generic game board like pictured above.
  • Print the obey game cards and cut them out.  
  • Mix up the cards and place them in a stack face down beside the game board.  Take turns drawing a card and "obeying" the instructions.  If you obey, you get to move forward the number of spaces listed on the card.
  • Discuss how important it is to obey God all the time!

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