Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fishers of Men Game

Fishers Of Men Card Game

This is a card game I like to make and play so the children can get to know one another better.  Sometimes I insert pictures of the ministers or missionaries or the elders so they can get to know who they are.

Deal five cards face down to each player.  Put the remaining cards in the middle to be the "fishing" pile.  Decide who goes first.  Player 1 asks the other player if they have a card that matches one of their own cards.  For example, "Do you have a picture of Cathy?"  If the player has a picture of Cathy, he gives it to Player 1 who then has a match.  Player 1 lays the match down in front of them and asks another player for a card.  Continue until the player does not get matching card.  At that time, the player says, "No, I don't.  Fish for men."  Player 1 draws a card from the "fishing" pile and keeps it.  Player 2 now asks the other players for cards to find matches in his hand.  Continue until all the cards in the "fishing" pile are gone or all the matches are made. 
Count to see who has the most matches.

In order to make this so that people can add their own children's pictures, I am linking the above pictures so you can insert them into Word, Publisher, or something else.  Resize the pictures to fit the page and then insert your children's pictures on top of the page with the little fish.  Print the blue page on the back.

For instructions, click here.

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