Saturday, April 4, 2015

Aaron's' Staff Turns to Snake Storytelling

Aaron's Staff Turns to a Snake
Exodus 7:8-13
I found these large plastic snakes in the toy section of Dollar Tree.  (I found some similar ones that are much, much smaller in the birthday party favor section.) When telling the story, I give each of the children one of the small ones.  They hold it so that you can only see the blank yellow side.  This is the "staff" or "rod".  

I use the larger snake. Actually, I purchased two of them, disconnected the head from one of them, and joined the two snakes to make one really long one. I hold the head in my hand and let the rest fall straight down by my side showing the blank side.  This is Aaron's rod.

When I throw down my "rod", I make sure to turn it so that it falls with the snake skin showing.  My rod turned into a snake.

Then Pharoah's magicians did the same thing.  So the children toss theirs down and all of theirs become snakes as well. 

I let the children take the little snakes home so they can retell the story.

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