Thursday, November 21, 2013

Widow's Jar that Doesn't Run Dry

Elijah and the Widow's Oil
I Kings 17:7-16

This creative jar provides one way to tell the story of Elijah and the Widow's Oil.  With this jar, the "oil" is poured out until there is no more.  Then it mysteriously refills so that more oil can be poured out.  This can be done several times giving the appearance that it will never run dry.

For instructions with pictures, click here.
For another option on how to make this jar, click here.
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams

 This fat cow when folded turns into this skinny cow below.

Joseph Interprets Pharoah's Dream
Genesis 41

Pharaoh has a dream in which he sees seven fat cows by the Nile. Then out of the Nile came seven skinny cows who then ate the seven fat cows.  When God allowed Joseph to interpret the dream, he told Pharaoh that this meant the nation would have seven years of great harvest followed by seven years of famine.  This is a fun take home for the children to use to retell this story.

The top picture is the fat cow. This cow becomes the skinny cow by folding the paper horizontally two times.  First, fold the paper down from top to bottom matching the lower two line markings on the page. When folded, the cow is on the inside of the page. The fold lines are indicated by the red dotted line in the picture below.  The red dotted line is not on the page to be printed but there are two small black lines on the edge of the paper to act as a guide. Use the bottom black lines the first time.

Second, fold the paper up (so that you can now see the cow's upper body) along the area indicated by the dotted red line in the picture below.  The dotted red line is not on the page to be printed but two small dark lines are on the edge of the paper to act as a guide.

When finished, it will become the skinny cow.

To print the cow page, click on top photo.

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