Monday, December 1, 2014

Baby Moses Pop-Up Page

Baby Moses
Exodus 2

Everywhere I go, I look for pretty bulletin board borders that can be used for various things.  I found some beautiful grass border and used it to make a pop-up page the children can make and take home. See instructions on how to make a pop-up page.

  • Cut two strips of the grass border the same size as the width of the page.
  • With a glue stick, glue one piece of the grass border to the back of the page. This one will sit right above the pop-up piece shown in the pop-up page instructions.
  • Glue the other piece of the grass border to the small square that pops out (see instructions page).
  • From a strip of border that looks like wood, cut a small basket.
  • Set the basket between the two layers of grass border but do not glue it.
  • Children can pretend to float the basket down the river between the reeds.

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