Thursday, February 12, 2015

What is a Miracle?

My friend, June Hill, was attempting to explain to her students what a miracle is.  In an effort to demonstrate a miracle, she performed this magic trick.  At the end, she explained that what she had done was a simple magic trick. She showed them how she had done it.

She told them that miracles may look like magic tricks because they are surprising, but they are not magic tricks.  Instead, miracles are surprising events that take place due to supernatural powers from God.  She went on to teach a series of lessons on the miracles of Jesus.

The first thing she did was put a penny in the middle of a blank sheet of white paper.

Then she got a clear drinking glass and a rolled up a black piece of construction paper (that had been taped to stay rolled up).

She put the rolled up construction paper over the drinking glass.

Then she picked up the glass (with the paper still on it) and placed it on top of the penny.

When she took the piece of black paper off the drinking glass, the penny had disappeared!

The trick to this illusion is that she had attached a piece of white paper to the bottom of the drinking glass before she set the drinking glass on the larger rectangle piece of paper.  When the glass was set on the larger white paper, no one could see the white paper attached to the drinking glass.  Placing the black paper over the glass helped keep the children from seeing the white paper on the bottom of the glass when she moved it and placed it on top of the penny.

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