Monday, July 30, 2012

Guess Who Game

I like to use this Guess Who game to help my children get to know each other better and to get to know our ministers and elders.  I replaced some of the game pieces with pictures of the children and pictures of our ministers and elders. 

In this game, there are two of these game boards. There is also a pile of cards with pictures just like these.  Each team draws a picture from the pile.  That is their person.

Each team attempts to be the first to figure out which picture the other team drew.   It's supposed to be played with two people, but I like to play it with two teams so all the children can participate.  Each team takes turns asking yes or no questions which describe people.  For example, "Is your person wearing a tie?"  If the answer is no, then they knock down all the pictures of people with ties. The next team then asks a question such as, "Is your person bald?'  If the answer is yes, they knock down all the pictures of people who are not bald.  This keeps going until one team feels like they know for sure which picture the other team has.  If they name that person correctly, that team wins. (I blurred out the names on each card for internet purposes.)
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Jesus Heals Paralytic Lowered Through Roof

Jesus Heals the Paralytic Lowered Through the Roof
Mark 2:1-12
I found this foam kit at a local craft store.  It was supposed to be a sand castle but when I put it together this much, so many Bible stories came to mind!  I used little people I made from little wooden pegs that I bought at the same craft store.  The roof just sits on this building so is easy to remove when telling this story.

I have also used this when telling the story of the special room that the Shunammite woman made for Elisha (II Kings 4) as well as several other stories.

If you can think of other stories this building could be used for, please share it in a comment below.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Abraham's Descendants as Numerous as Stars

Abraham's Descendants
Genesis 15:5 and Genesis 22:17
(This is also great for the story of Creation- Day 4)

I found this really cool glow in the dark sand at the pet store.  (Make sure it has the glow in the dark sticker or says "Glow in the Dark" on the package.)  I let the children put tiny drops of white glue all over a piece of black construction paper to be the stars.  I put this sand into a salt shaker and let the kids shake the sand onto the glue spots like they would apply glitter.  They lift the paper to let the excess slide off.  They have a paper of many, many, many stars which actually glow in the dark.  We turn off the lights and see the stars.

Hint:  To make it glow in the dark right away, leave the sand out in the light to "charge".  When the sand stops glowing, just "charge" it again by putting it in the light for quite a while.

Another hint:  I usually put a tub or a tray under the paper to catch the excess sand.  It's easier to clean up that way. Pin It

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fiery Furnace

The Fiery Furnace
Daniel 3
I found this fabric book cover as the school supplies were being set out for the fall.  I opened up the cover and stretched it out over a piece of sturdy cardboard.  I use any type of figure I have on hand to be Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as well as an angel made from white fabric.  This is my background for the story.  The neatest part is when I turn off the lights and shine a blacklight on it.  It glows beautifully!

This "used to be" a book cover for school and now it's a wonderful backdrop for a story!
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lost Sheep Game

The Lost Sheep
Luke 15:1-7
This is a game we played when we taught the lesson about the lost sheep.  I purchased a bag of tiny white pom poms.  I hid as many pom poms as their were children. I hid them in various places around the room.  When telling the story, each child used their magnifying glass and looked for a lost sheep. Then I finished telling the story.  We invited another Bible class group to join us for a little party with party hats, cookies, and punch celebrating finding the sheep each person had lost.

If the children are old enough not to eat or swallow these, I sent home a bag like this one with pom poms, a magnifying glass, and instructions on how to play this game at home so they can retell the story many times.

I also used this when teaching a different group of children about David as a Shepherd and about Jesus being our Shepherd.
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Friday, July 13, 2012

Call of Abram

Call of Abram
Genesis 12:1-9
In this story, God tells Abram to pack up everything you have and "go to the land I will show you."  I found these cute backpack gift sacks (I know they are actually for the children's show "Dora, the Explorer").  I cut out clothes shapes from scraps of fabric, cut a blanket from a piece of flannel, and printed off some other things we might pack if we were packing up and going someplace today.  

As I tell the story, I set up a small, easy to set up pup tent (or just drape a blanket over a table). When it's time to pack up, I have the kids pack all their possessions in their gift sack backpack, we take down the tent, and move on to another place in the room or in the church building (depending on the age of the children).  Then we go to the trouble of setting up camp and taking our things out of the backpacks.  Later, when it's time to move again, we repeat the process.  I even have stuffed animal sheep, camels, etc. we have to herd and move along with us.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aaron's Staff Becomes a Snake

Aaron's Rod Becomes a Snake     Exodus 7:8-13

I found these neat wavy craft sticks at a local craft store.  I painted one side to look like a rod and the other side to look like a snake.  The kids made different snakes so one could be Aaron's snake and the others could be the Egyptian magicians' snakes.  Of course, Aaron's snake swallows up the others!  They love that part!

When making these, I spray painted one side of all the sticks brown before I gave it to the kids.  The kids just had to add brown lines with a permanent marker to make it look like a rod.  That way, the brown side will be dry and they can go ahead and paint the snake pattern on the other side using acrylic paint or write on it with permanent markers. 

This could also be used when telling the story of the Burning Bush when God gives Moses signs.  God tells Moses to throw his staff down and it becomes a snake. Pin It

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aaron's Rod That Buds Scratch Off Game

 Aaron's Rod that Buds
Numbers 17
The technique for making this scratch off activity is the same as for the Lost Coin and Lost Sheep Scratch-Off games but the use for it is a little bit different.

In this story, Moses was to get twelve staffs - one from the leader of each tribe.  They were to write their name on the staff and give it to Moses.  Aaron's name was put on the staff for the tribe of Levi. God would show which man He was chosing to be High Priest by allowing that staff to bud.

When telling this story, I use this scratch off activity.  I put the 12 paper staffs on a table.  I pick 12 people to be leaders of their tribe.  I let each one take turns using a penny or a Popsicle stick to scratch off the white paint to see if they are the one chosen to be the high priest or not.  There is a lot of anticipation as they find out if their rod buds or not.

To make this game, print out the game pages, laminate or cover them with clear contact paper, paint over the leaves with white paint (mixed with dish soap), paint a white area beside each rod that looks like the page with the leaves you just painted, and let it dry.  A link to print complete instructions and game pages are found under the following pictures.

To print complete instructions, click here.
To print gameboard #1, click here.
To print gameboard #2, click here. Pin It

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lost Coin Scratch Off Game

The Parable of the Lost Coin
Luke 15:8-10
I made this scratch off game the same way I made the one for the parable of the lost coin.  The children can use a penny or a Popsicle stick to scratch the paint off the middle of each vase and see if they can find the lost coin. 

I have made 8 different game boards (on 4 pages linked below).

Print out the game boards, cut the page in half, laminate or cover each page with clear contact paper, paint a brown circle in the middle of each vase (with a little dish soap mixed in), let it dry and then let the children begin their search!
Tip:  I found it works better to dab on the paint rather than just brush it on.  It covers the coin better.

Gameboard #1
Gameboard #2

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lost Sheep Scratch Off Game

Jesus Tells the Parable of the Lost Sheep
Matthew 18:10 -18

These are two different game boards for the Lost Sheep Scratch Off Game.  I have made 6 different game boards.  There are 2 game boards on each of the pages linked below.  They are free downloads to use and share.

To play this game, print off the game boards, paint a large circle of green paint (with dish soap added) over the sheep and the other bushes, let dry, and let the kids use a penny or Popsicle stick to scratch off the paint from each bush in search of a lost sheep.  For full instructions, click here.

Game Board 1
Game Board 3

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Paul and Silas in Prison

 Paul and Silas in Prison
Acts 16:16-40

This used to be an old wooden napkin holder with salt and pepper shaker that I found at a garage sale.  I painted the salt and pepper shakers to be Paul and Silas.

When telling this story, we can easily put them in prison and get them out!  I am showing this no because I think anyone will find something exactly like this but because I want people to keep their eyes open at garage sales and think outside the box.  You may come across something that you could use in a totally different way for Bible class. 

On another day, I found this old wooden napkin holder (pictured below) at another garage sale.

There were no people for this one so I copied a story from a coloring book. I reduced the size to fit inside the napkin holder. 

When using this one to tell the story, I read the words on the bottom of the page and then pass it around and let each child look into the "prison" to see what is happening.  Each child really gets a kick out of holding it and looking inside to see what's going on.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Noah's Ark from Crystal Light Can

This is made from a Crystal Light container.  You will need contact paper that looks like wood, a small piece of cardstock, some tape and some animal crackers.

Clean out the Crystal Light container.  Wrap a piece of contact paper around the can.  Cut a circle out of the contact paper large enough to fit on the lid.  Attach the circle to the lid.

Cut a small piece of cardstock to be the roof.  Cover the top of the cardstock with contact paper.  Fold in half.  Tape the lid to the container.  (The kids used this one a lot. You can see they put the lid on with the door on sideways.)

Add animal crackers "two by two".  Seal it up.  It actually floats and the animals stay dry.  You can add clothespin people if you like.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 Josiah Finds the Book of the Law
II Kings 22
To make this scroll, I bought a shammy at the dollar type store (used to dry automobiles after washing them).  I cut the shammy apart into smaller squares.  I cut 1/4 in dowel rods into pieces that would almost match my squares.  The dowel rods are slightly longer than the squares.  I hotglued the dowel rods in place.  (Pencils could be used instead of dowel sticks.) With a sharpie, I wrote the memory verse. I rolled up both sides until they met in the middle and tied with a ribbon.

When telling this story, I make a real mess out of my Bible class room with chairs upside down, wads of paper everywhere, etc.  When the children come in, they see our classroom in shambles. I talk about pretending this was the temple and how messed up it had become.  We send different workers to help repair parts of the temple.  Some pick up paper, some turn over chairs, etc.  When someone finds a scroll and doesn't know where it goes, I get all excited about talk about that part of the story.  Then we take turns hiding the scroll around the room and letting each person have a turn finding a scroll to take home.  

This is a different way to make a scroll.  I found some typing paper that looks like parchment paper.  I wrote on it, rolled it up and tied it with a ribbon. Pin It

David and Goliath Altoid Tin Sling

David and Goliath
I Samuel 17

How to make this Altoid Tin "sling" with the 5 stones:
  1. Eat the Altoids from the Altoid tin!  That's the most fun part!
  2. Wash and dry the tin.
  3. Take the tin apart and spray paint the outside of the tin.  Let it dry.
  4. Cut a strip of fake leather and hot glue it to each side.
  5. Add 5 cotton balls (for preschoolers) or rocks or whatever you would like to be the stones.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Sock Fish

I let the children make these fun sock fish when telling stories such as Jesus Feeding the 5,000 (Matthew 14:13-21), Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish (John 21:1-14) and other fish stories. 
  1. Give each child a child-sized sock.
  2. Using a funnel or a paper plate rolled up to be a funnel, let the child pour dried beans or dried rice to fill up most of the sock.
  3. Let the child put a small rubberband around the sock to seal it (see picture above).
  4. Flatten out the fish to look like the picture above.
  5. Let the child draw eyes with a permanent marker.
  6. Show the child how to flatten out the fish to be the fish shape like the picture at the very top.  He can draw fins if he wants. 
  7. Use the fish as you tell the story.
  8. Let the children take them home to use to retell the story.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gift Sack Storytelling

I like to use this gift sack when telling the story of Creation in Genesis Chapter 1.  I found this gift sack at a discount store.  It has a see through window in the front of it.

I purchased these pre-cut sea creatures from a teacher supply store.  Then I hot glued a ribbon to the top of each one.  I chose a blue ribbon so it would blend it better with the background.

When telling the story, I turn the sack around where the children cannot see the window and slide one sea creature in the sack. I say, "Can you guess what else God made on Day 4 that would swim in the water?"  Then I turn the sack around and hold onto the ribbon so the creature will "swim" in the water. I tell them what that sea creature is called and some special details about how God made each one do different things.  For example, I tell them God made the daddy seahorses take care of the babies instead of the mommy sea horses.

I turn the sack back around and change out sea creatures and continue like before until I have shown all the sea creatures.

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