Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Esther Blacklight Story


One way to tell a story is by using blacklight.  A super easy way to make a blacklight story is to simply cut out pieces using flourescent paper. I used flourescent poster board so the pieces would be sturdier.  You can use copy weight paper and glue it onto black paper for a similar result. (I like to test my paper under the blacklight before cutting out my pieces as I have found some papers react to the blacklight differently than I thought they would.)

I cut out these pieces using patterns from a book entitled Shadows of Imaginality by Beverly Scott and Jana Smith.  (The book is no longer in print so they graciously gave me permission to put the patterns on the blog.  A huge THANK YOU goes out to them as I use these patterns for many things!)

I enlarged the patterns for the people to make them larger.  I did not have a table pattern so just free-handed a table with items on it. 

The children love the fact they they can move them and tell the retell the story using these pieces and a blacklight.  The people can be flipped over to be facing a different direction too.

Use these patterns for the scene.

Another option for this story is to print out the patterns as they are.  Cut around them.  Place the black pieces on an overhead projector and have the life size images showing on the wall.
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Adam and Eve Craft

Adam and Eve
Genesis 2

For this craft, we purchased these die cut people purchased at a teacher's supply store such as Mardel's; though you could easily find a gingerbread man type of pattern on the internet.  The kids cut Eve's clothes out of animal print tissue paper and glued them on using a glue stick.  For Adam's clothes, they used a leaf stamp. When they were finished, the children drew hair or glued yarn hair on each one (not pictured here).
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