Thursday, March 29, 2012

Saul's Conversion Take Home


In the dark

Acts 91-19

Here's another idea for Saul on the road to Damascus.  On regular construction paper, let the children draw a scene with a road.  The children can either draw Saul or glue on a pre-cut Saul.  (I cut Saul and his clothes using a Sizzix die cut machine but you could use a Cricut machine.)  Using glow in the dark paint (available at a craft store), let the children paint lines going away from Saul.  (The photo makes the rays show up more than they do in real life.)  Then when you get to the point in the story where the light from heaven flashes around him, you can turn on the blacklight and make it glow, or you can turn off the lights and it will glow.  (Just a hint:  if you want the paint to glow in the dark again, keep the paper in the light and it will "charge" the glow in the dark paint again.)

When the children take this home, they will be able to retell the story!


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