Monday, June 4, 2012

Jesus Calms the Storm Bathtub Toy

Jesus Calms the Storm
Mark 4:35 - 41
We made this craft for Bible class many months ago and the children are still playing with it and retelling this story at home.  It was a huge hit! 
The boats were made from Pringles Singles containers. The people and waves were made from fun foam.  I die cut the people using a Sizzix die but this could be done on a Cricut machine. I hot glued the waves on the boat ahead of time so it would be dry and they could put it in the water during class.  I let the children draw the faces. Then each child was able to use their set to help tell the story in a large tub of water.

On one side, the fun foam water is stormy and Peter is panicking.  His face is full of fear with his mouth open wide.  When you show this side of the "boat", Jesus is sleeping calmly. We blew on the water some and splashed a little water.  See picture above. 
When telling the part of the story where Jesus calmed the storm, turn the boat to the other side where the fun foam water is calm.  Turn Jesus over. He is awake and calming the storm. Turn Peter over and show his happy, smiling face. There is no more blowing on the water and no more splashing.  See picture below:

Jesus Calms the Storm Bathtub Toy Instructions Pin It

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