Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunprint Cross

Jesus is Crucified and Rose Again!
Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19

Sunprint paper gives an interest effect to many projects.  To make this one, I purchased some Sunprint paper from the local craft store.  It comes in packages similar to this one:
I just use this refill kit.  It says to use an acrylic sheet and cardboard but I have never done that.  
  • Cut the paper into smaller pieces so you would have enough for each child.
  • Use a die cut with an Ellison die or a Cricut, or just plain scissors to cut out a small white cross. 
  • Give each child a piece of blue Sunprint paper and a white paper cross. Have them very quickly place the cross on top of the blue paper and then keep any light from getting to it until you can get it outside.  Sometimes you can tape the edges down very quickly. (I have them cover it with a book or hold it up next to their body tightly.)

  • When outside, place the blue paper and the white cross quickly on the ground or on a table in the sun.  Leave it for about 2 minutes.  (Make sure it's in a place where the wind will not blow the cross off the paper.)
  • Keep the paper cross exactly in place as you pick up both pieces and take it inside. (Don't take the cross off or you will expose the cross section of the paper to the sun and it won't turn out right.)
  • When inside, take the paper cross off and quickly dip the paper in water.  Let it stay in the water for about 1 minute.  (Following instructions on the Sunprint package.)
  • Take the paper out of the water and lay flat on a paper towel.  It dries fairly quickly.  The end result is the top picture.
  • This can be used to make a dove for the baptism of Jesus story, an angel for many different stories, or countless other shapes for any other story.
  • This project is quick and simple yet the children are always amazed.
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