Saturday, February 9, 2013

Naaman is Healed

Naaman is Healed from Leprosy
II Kings 5: 1- 18

I found these great little sponge people at Mardel's in the craft section.  They work perfect for this illustration.

Sponge person
Red or white Tempera paint or other water based paint (do not use acrylic)
Paint brush
Tub of dirty water (Jordan River was muddy)

Paint some leprosy dots all over the sponge Naaman.  (Paint them very soon before you will be using it.  You don't want it to dry too much.)  When the story indicates, dip Naaman in the water.  As you dip, squeeze the sponge so the paint begins to wash off.  By the time he has dipped (and you have squeezed it) seven times, he should be clean.
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  1. I found some very small white cloth blank dolls that I glued an ice cream stick to. Then go to the fabric store and purchase a disappearing ink liner pencil for the child to make leprosy spots with. The second it is dipped on a wet blue sponge (shape like a river) the spots disappear.

  2. Thank you for providing this craft. I am going to try it with my SS Kindergarten class this coming year.

  3. Hello. Thank you for this vivid demonstration. We are using this idea for the story of Jesus casting out the demons out of the men of Gadara. Thank you!