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Altoid Tin Creation Game

Altoid Tin Creation Game
Genesis 1

  • 1 Altoid Tin for each person
  • 1 frozen juice lid for each person
  • 1 number mold
  • Plaster of Paris and water
  • Different types of scrapbook paper that will match the days of Creation
  • Scissors
  • E6000 glue (or any other glue that will glue a magnet to the plaster piece)
  • 7 magnets for each person
  • Animal, people, and fish (possibly moon and stars as well) stickers for each person
  • 7 colors of Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • something to cover the table that can get messy


A few days before class:
  1. Mix a small amount of the Plaster of Paris according to the directions. Don't mix a huge amount, as it will dry while waiting to be poured into the mold.
  2. When pouring the Plaster into the mold, I prefer putting the plaster in a ziploc bag and cutting of a small portion of one corner. The plaster can then be poured into the mold easily and more controlled like frosting a cake.
  3. After the plaster is dry, take the numbers out of the mold and glue a magnet on the back of each number.  Stick a set of numbers to one juice lid.
  4. Cut out circles from scrapbook paper that will fit just inside the juice lid. Make one pattern and you can cut several at a time.  You could use a Cricut to cut the circles too. Match the paper with what was created on that day. For example, grass paper for Day 3.
  5. For the top of the Altoid tin, we cut a notepad page that looked like the earth.
  6. Place one juice lid with the 7 unpainted numbers, stickers (animal, people, and fish), and 7-8 scrapbook paper circles inside an Altoid tin.

When you get to class:
  1. When you get to class, cover the table with something to protect it such as a trash bag or paper. 
  2. Let the children paint the numbers with a different color on each number.
  3. Let them dry.
  4. Let the children put the stickers on the scrapbook paper they go with.
  5. Play the game.  Have the children put one scrapbook circle on the juice lid.  Have them put the number that matches that Day of Creation.  Make it a race if you wish.
  6. Let the children take them home and teach a friend how to play.
Printable Instructions can be found here.
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