Monday, March 24, 2014

Zechariah and the Angel Glow in the Dark Sheet

 (lights on)

(lights off)
Zechariah and the Angel
Luke 1:5-25

I found a coloring page for the pattern for this project.  I purchased a creme colored bed sheet and cut it into fourths.  This is painted on one fourth of that sheet.
I drew Zechariah with a permanent marker.  I painted the angel with Glow in the Dark paint.  It shows up in the top picture because of the way I took the picture.  When it is hanging up on the wall, the children cannot see the angel.

When I turn on the blacklight or turn off the lights, the angel suddenly appears.

After telling the story, I let the children make a magic window where at first you see only Zacharias and then, after pulling a tab, the angel magically appears.  They can take it home and retell the story.

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