Thursday, July 17, 2014

Balaam's Talking Donkey Craft

Balaam's Talking Donkey Craft
Numbers 22:21-39

The exciting part of this donkey is that his mouth can actually move (with a little assistance)!  In the Bible story, Balaam's donkey talks to Balaam. When that part of the story is told, the teacher (or child) can open and close the clothespin to make the donkey pretend to talk to Balaam.

For the donkey in the picture, I used a Cricut machine.  I used Noah's ABC Animals cartridge and put the setting on 9 inches.  For people who do not have a Cricut or this cartridge, I have designed and included a pattern. Click on the words "donkey pattern" in the instructions section. 

I always want the children to make something to retell the story at home. Fo them, I shrink the pattern and print it onto card stock. They can choose to color it however they prefer.  They will follow the instructions below. Smaller clothespins (often found at Dollar Tree) will be necessary for making their smaller donkeys talk. 

  • Print out the donkey pattern (by clicking on the top photo) onto plain or colored card stock.
  • Color it if desired.
  • Cut it out.
  • In order to make the donkey able to talk, cut on the dotted line where his mouth would be.  
  • Tape or glue a clothespin on the back.  Line up the center opening of the clothespin with the mouth. (See pictures above.)
  • Open and close the clothespin to make the donkey talk.
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