Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Angel Gabriel Tells Mary about Jesus

Luke 1:26-38

Angel Appears to Joseph

Matthew 1-18-25

Make the house from a brown paper bag (mine happens to be a gift sack so the kids can carry it home a little easier.  Start by opening the bag.  Cut a hole only in the front of the sack in the shape seen above.  

The characters are made with the Cricut machine using the Noah's ABC Animals because this cartridge had 3D characters.

When telling this story, use the pieces according to the Bible Story.  I made a set for each child and let them retell both stories before taking it home.

I have made 3D people for years using a pattern like the one pictured below. Click on the picture below to print the pattern. When I found the Cricut cartridge that would add few details, I chose to use it instead.

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