Saturday, June 23, 2012

Plexiglass Picture Frame Storytelling

This is a fun and creative way to tell a Bible story.  The story I was telling when I used this was the story about Jesus pulling the tax money from the fish.  Matthew 17:24-27

1.  Get a plexiglass picture fame (8 1/2 x 11 or larger).  I just happened to have this 11 x 14 one in the garage.
2.  Find a very simple coloring page that illustrates part of the story you are telling.  I found a picture of a hand holding a fish for this story.
3.  Trace that picture lightly with a pencil onto a white piece of printer paper.

This is a picture of the pencil drawing on the back of the page and the back of the photo frame.

4. Set that paper in the frame with the white page facing where you would normally see a photo. The picture you traced should be seen on the back only. (You can barely see the outline of mine except the tail of the fish which I will explain in a moment.) I had a small white mat that I added to the paper to tape my picture to so it would stay in place but you could just tape the top and the bottom to the frame as it is.

This is a picture of what you are drawing on the back while telling the story.

5.  Turn the frame so that the children only see the white side of the page.  As you tell the story, use a heavy, dark marker and trace over the outlines you have on the back of the page.  Hold it so that you can see the pencil lines but the children can't.  They should only see the white page. 

This is a picture of what the children are seeing.

6.  As you are drawing, the dark lines you are drawing begin to show up on the side that the children can see.  It's as if the picture is magically appearing.  Draw slowly while you are telling the story.  By the time the story is finished, the picture should be finished as well.
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