Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jesus Changes Water to Wine

Jesus Changes Water to Wine
John 2:1-11

I found these neat color changing cups.  They come in white, blue, and orange at the place I saw them.  The neat thing about these cups is that they change colors with a change in temperature.  For example, the cup is white but when you add ice cold water, the cup changes to red. (Blue changes to purple and orange changes to red.)  If you pour the water out, the cup returns to room temperature and turns white again.  You can use this cup over and over!

When telling this Bible story, I show them that I have a container of plain water (must be very cold - you could have ice in it to keept it cold) and that there is nothing in the cup.  In the part of the story where Jesus turns the water to wine, I pour the ice cold water into the cup and the cup immediately begins to turn red.  The kids are amazed!  They always ask, "How did you do that?"  I never tell them the secret because they may have siblings who come to my class the next year.  I want to keep it a surprise for them as well.
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  1. I ordered them online. They are called color changing cups. If you Google it, there are many different colors, quantities, and prices.