Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fun Foam Ravens

Elijah Fed by Ravens
I Kings 17:1-6

Cut out a raven from black fun foam.
Cut circles out where the fingers will go.
Let the kids glue or draw the eyes on.

When telling this story, I like to use oyster crackers.  I set up a cave using a table and some butcher paper folded up around it to look like rocks or a table with a blanket over it.  One of the children pretends to be Elijah and goes in the cave.  The other children are ravens. They pick up an oyster cracker in their "beak" and take it to Elijah who then gets to eat it!  This is repeated so that everyone has a turn to be Elijah.

Below is another way to make a fun foam raven used in telling the story the same way. This raven is made from 2 circles that are the same size cut out of fun foam. 

To make the wings and the tail, cut the circle like this.

After gluing on the wings and tail, cut one hole for the fingers to go in to be the beak and glue on eyes.
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