Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aaron's Rod That Buds Scratch Off Game

 Aaron's Rod that Buds
Numbers 17
The technique for making this scratch off activity is the same as for the Lost Coin and Lost Sheep Scratch-Off games but the use for it is a little bit different.

In this story, Moses was to get twelve staffs - one from the leader of each tribe.  They were to write their name on the staff and give it to Moses.  Aaron's name was put on the staff for the tribe of Levi. God would show which man He was chosing to be High Priest by allowing that staff to bud.

When telling this story, I use this scratch off activity.  I put the 12 paper staffs on a table.  I pick 12 people to be leaders of their tribe.  I let each one take turns using a penny or a Popsicle stick to scratch off the white paint to see if they are the one chosen to be the high priest or not.  There is a lot of anticipation as they find out if their rod buds or not.

To make this game, print out the game pages, laminate or cover them with clear contact paper, paint over the leaves with white paint (mixed with dish soap), paint a white area beside each rod that looks like the page with the leaves you just painted, and let it dry.  A link to print complete instructions and game pages are found under the following pictures.

To print complete instructions, click here.
To print gameboard #1, click here.
To print gameboard #2, click here. Pin It

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