Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Noah's Ark from Crystal Light Can

This is made from a Crystal Light container.  You will need contact paper that looks like wood, a small piece of cardstock, some tape and some animal crackers.

Clean out the Crystal Light container.  Wrap a piece of contact paper around the can.  Cut a circle out of the contact paper large enough to fit on the lid.  Attach the circle to the lid.

Cut a small piece of cardstock to be the roof.  Cover the top of the cardstock with contact paper.  Fold in half.  Tape the lid to the container.  (The kids used this one a lot. You can see they put the lid on with the door on sideways.)

Add animal crackers "two by two".  Seal it up.  It actually floats and the animals stay dry.  You can add clothespin people if you like.
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  1. Did this craft today in Sunday School (2-3 yr. olds) and pre-made them. They put their 2 animal crackers in the ark after we got them to match (practiced counting to two) and we used Wal-Mart brand drink mix containers. They were harder to wrap contact paper around uniformly, but flat on all sides and the stood up well. Great idea, Thanks so much.