Friday, July 6, 2012

Paul and Silas in Prison

 Paul and Silas in Prison
Acts 16:16-40

This used to be an old wooden napkin holder with salt and pepper shaker that I found at a garage sale.  I painted the salt and pepper shakers to be Paul and Silas.

When telling this story, we can easily put them in prison and get them out!  I am showing this no because I think anyone will find something exactly like this but because I want people to keep their eyes open at garage sales and think outside the box.  You may come across something that you could use in a totally different way for Bible class. 

On another day, I found this old wooden napkin holder (pictured below) at another garage sale.

There were no people for this one so I copied a story from a coloring book. I reduced the size to fit inside the napkin holder. 

When using this one to tell the story, I read the words on the bottom of the page and then pass it around and let each child look into the "prison" to see what is happening.  Each child really gets a kick out of holding it and looking inside to see what's going on.

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