Sunday, May 20, 2012

Joshua and Sun Stood Still

The Day the Sun Stood Still
Joshua 10:1-15

The kids made this picture using a piece of blue construction paper.  (My paper is shiny because I laminated my sample so it would store well.) They cut a strip of green paper for the grass.  I had die cut the mounting and the sun pieces using an Ellison die cut (You could use a Cricut).  I cut a diagonal slit in the paper where the brad for the sun would be able to slide.

The kids glued on the grass and the mountain. 

I punched a hole in the middle of both sun pieces.  The kids put one sun on the front of the paper and one sun on the back.  They put the brad through the hole in the sun then through the slit on the paper, then through the other sun on the back and fastened it.

The sun can move like normal (rising and setting as you tell the story) until Joshua asks God to make the sun stand still. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky.

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