Thursday, May 17, 2012

Paul's Shipwreck VBS

Paul's Shipwreck
Acts 27

My son and daughter created this room for Vacation Bible School.  My son designed the boat and the ramp.  He built the boat (with the help of his dad) inside the room.  The boat set on a ramp with a small incline.  There is a large hook and pen at the back of the boat that holds it in place while the 20- 25 kids get on board and set sail.  There is a small door close to the back of the boat that opens so the children can get on board.

This is the other side of the room where the boat is headed.

This is part of the ramp (usually covered with a blue tarp for water so the kids can't anticipate what is about to happen.

 This is the island that they swim to after the shipwreck.

As my son and his friends act out the story, my daughter is usually hidden in the dark behind the boat.  She ran the technology and lighting.  She created the lightning, sound effects, and water for the storm.  She is pretending to be one of the kids in this picture.

During the storm, my daughter also pulled the pen from the back of the boat and the entire boat full of people slid down the ramp and hit the sandbar and looks like it is running into a large rock.  My son made is so that there was a small jolt as the wheels under the boat run into the end of the ramp giving the kids the slight feelilng that they just ran into something. What a ride!  The kids were thrilled by this ride!  The neat part of this was the fact that even a year later, the children can still tell you what happened in that Bible story.

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