Saturday, August 25, 2012

Elisha Is Jeered

 Elisha is Jeered
II Kings 2:23-25

This is a different way to tell a Bible story.  A man at our church made this story telling board for me.  He cut the board the size I needed (18 x 24 inches).  It can be any size.  The he cut slits in the board one inch apart.  These slits allow my pictures to stand up.

I bought this sand dune looking border at Mardel and cut it to fit my board to make the background.  I used to pieces.  I slid one into the very back slit and one into the next to the back slit to give it a more three dimensional effect.

I purchased some Old Testament figure pieces from Mardel and picked out pieces that would work for this story.  It did not have a tree so I had to make one some on the computer.
 I keep adding pieces as I tell the story:
The kids like to use these pieces and help retell the story. 

The neat thing about this concept is that any story could be done this way.  Store bought pictures or computer generated pictures would both work.

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