Thursday, August 2, 2012

Joseph in the Well

Joseph's Dreams
Genesis 37

Here is Joseph being lowered into the well by his brothers. 


Prep ahead of time
  1. Get an empty juice can and wash it out.  Let it dry.
  2. Cut a strip of contact paper large enough to cover the outside of the juice can.
  3. Cut a small rectangle from fabric to be the clothes. 
  4. Cut a string long enough to go around the clothespin doll and tie.
  5. Cut a large string for lowering and raising Joseph.

What the children do:
  1. Get a clothespin doll.
  2. Fold the rectangle piece of fabric in half.  Cut a small hole at the fold for the head to fit through. 
  3. Slide the head through the hole.
  4. Tie the small string around his waist.
  5. Draw a face if desired.
  6. Tie the larger string around his waist.
  7. Put the contact paper around the juice can.
  8. Retell the story!

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