Sunday, April 21, 2013

Abraham Offers Isaac

Abraham Offers Isaac
Genesis 22:1-19

This is a picture of a blacklight/glow in the dark painting a friend made. For the background, she used a twin sized creme colored bed sheet cut in half(white sheets allow the glow in the dark paint to show up too much).  For the picture, she found two different coloring pages and put them together to make the scene.  (Make a transparency from the coloring page and use an overhead projector or use a computer projector and project the screen on the wall to trace.) She painted the picture with acrylic paint.  Then she painted the angel and the ram with glow in the dark paint.  When telling the story I show the scene at the top.  When it gets to the part about Abraham sacrificing Isaac,  turn on a blacklight (or turn off the lights if I don't have a blacklight) and the angel and ram appear.  It really makes a big impression on the children!

I look for Bible coloring books everywhere to find patterns for making things like this.  I have found them at the grocery store, Dollar Tree, Everthing's a Dollar, as well as places like Mardel's and Wal-Mart.  I look any place they have children's books.
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