Saturday, April 27, 2013

Basket from Paper Sack

 Jesus Feeds the 5,000 (John 6:1-24)

Paper Sack (size depends on how big you want the basket to be)
Pen or pencil

  1. Fold a paper sack in half lenghthwise.

 2.  Draw a curved line at the top corner that is NOT on the fold (the word written   in the corner says "cut".)
3.  Draw a line on the fold where you will cut the handles out as shown in the picture.
 4.  Cut on the lines you drew and open it to look like this.
 5.  Stand it up and you have a basket. The children put shredded tan colored paper for wheat or Shredded Wheat cereal in the basket for the story of Ruth.  They put loaves and fish for the story of Jesus Feeding the 5,000. Under the tab marked Jesus' Miracles, there is a craft for Jesus Feeding the 5,000 that this would work very well for.
If you want shorter handles, cut the top of the paper bag down to a smaller size before drawing and cutting the handles. 

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  1. Do you have posted somewhere how to do the little books you make out of paper lunch sacks? I know it's pretty self explanatory but I'd like to see a sample again. Wanting to do parable of the lost sheep with one.

  2. I just put in on here today for you. It is called Lost Sheep Paper Sack Book. Enjoy!