Thursday, June 27, 2013

Naaman is Healed

II Kings 5:1-19
This Naaman dips in the water 7 times and then comes out clean. 

For printable instructions and pattern, click here.

Naaman face patterns (on next page)
2 pieces of brown paper 4 x 6 inches
1 popsicle stick
· Cut two pieces of brown paper 4 x 6 inches.
· Staple only the sides together.  Do not staple the top or the bottom.
· Cut waves at the top of the paper. 
· Draw waves on the front.
· Cut out and color the two faces of Naaman. 
· Draw leprosy on the sad face.
· Glue the two faces to a popsicle stick (back to back).
· Insert the popsicle stick with the heads on it in between the two pieces of paper showing the leprosy side first.
· Reach in the bottom and grab the popsicle stick.
· Dip Naaman in the Jordan seven times.
· On the seventh time, turn the popsicle stick over and he comes out clean.

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