Thursday, June 20, 2013

Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners
This amazing husband and wife team are prayer partners for one of our Bible classes. They are the most praying people I have ever met!

Throughout the year, we ask for volunteers who will be willing to spend time in prayer daily for a group of children.  In June when our children promote to their new Bible class, we assign a set of prayer partners for each Bible class from birth up to grade 12. (Many times these prayer partners are older Christians who feel like they cannot physically handle teaching a children's Bible class but want to be involved in the spiritual growth of young children.) 

The prayer partners take a list of children in one Bible class and commit to pray for each child on that list individually for one year.  They take a little time to get to know the children either in Bible class or out of class and finds out some specific prayer needs for those children.  Some teams write notes of encouragement periodically to the children to let them know how they have prayed for them.  Other teams call periodically to let them know they have been praying for them.

When children have reason to rejoice or have a crisis, they typically contact these prayer partners and ask them to pray for them or with them. 

Praise God for this particular group of people!  God is using them for His Glory!

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