Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Friction Pen Leper

Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers
Luke 17:11-19

The concept behind this project is the same concept seen in the story of the Rich Young Ruler.  Click on that link to see a short video showing exactly how these Frixion Pens work.  In short, heat makes the red ink disappear so the leper will "magically" be healed!

  • Very simple coloring page of man
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Red Frixion Pen - Pilot brand (Found at Walgreen's and Staples)
  • Heat embossing tool (I found mine at a garage sale) or blow dryer 
  • Color the coloring page with colored pencils or markers.  (Do not use crayon as the wax will melt and make a mess!  Then your page will not be reusable.) Do not laminate.
  • Color red leprosy dots on the skin with a red Frixion pen.
  • When telling the story, use a heat embossing tool (for scrapbooking) or a blow dryer.  The heat from these tools will make the red ink disappear and he will be healed!
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