Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shadow Box Puppet Stories

Tell any Bible story using shadow puppets.  This is a great technique for those stories which are difficult to find pictures or visuals for. 

Get an empty box.  Cut off the bottom of the box.  Cut all the tabs off the top of the box except the longer two tabs.  These tabs will help stabilize the box when you are telling stories.  Cover the bottom of the box with two layers of white tissue paper.

Fold the other two tabs toward the inside of the box and secure with packing tape or duck tape.

Set the box on a table and shine a flashlight from the open end.  (I discovered that the best flashlights to use are those with LED lights.  They have the most even light rays.  The others tend to have a big circle in the middle which distorts the picture.  This tiny pink LED flashlight from Wal-Mart does a fantastic job.)

Make puppets from black or any dark construction paper.  I used a die cut for these but any pattern for people, animals, and objects will work.  Let the children retell the story over and over using this puppet stage.
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