Monday, April 2, 2012

Armor of God

A sweet friend taught me how to make this Armor of God using a Cricut Machine!  This was fun.  Wait til you see what we made next!
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  1. This is a really cute idea! Could you tell me how you did this? Is there a template that you used?

  2. I do not have any templates yet. I used a machine called a Cricut machine. There are different cartridges that you put into the machine and it cuts these shapes out for you. You can see one of these machines online at

  3. Thanks for your reply. Is there a cartridge that has the person and all the armor pieces? I've looked online and haven't found anything like that.

  4. We got very creative with this one. We used the "Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge". We made each part from a different character.

    Body - Body p. 29, you can pick any facial expression you prefer
    Hair - Pilgrim Boy Headwear p. 62
    Helmet - Knight Blackout p. 48
    Breastplate and Belt - Superboy p. 56
    Shoes - Supergirl Accessories p. 57
    Shield- Prince Accessories p. 46

    This is a great cartridge to have because as you can see, you can mix and match to make anything you want!

  5. Thank you for the detailed information. I use this machine all the time for Bible Class.