Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creation Chicken

Creation Story
Genesis 1

When we were learning about the animals God created, we let the kids help make one of these noisy chickens.  To make this you will need the following materials:

a plastic cup
red felt
yellow felt
cotton string
googly eyes
a small piece of a kitchen sponge

Get your cup and poke a small hole in the bottom.  Put one end of the string through the hole and tie a large knot on the end that is on the outside of the cup.  Pull the string until it is almost tight, but don't pull the knot through the hole.  Put a piece of duck tape or clear packing tape over the knot and  string on the outside of the bottom of the cup to hold it in place.

Turn the cup over to look like the top picture.  Cut out the red felt for the comb of the chicken and the yellow felt for the beak. (I just cut a diamond shape and folded it in half for the beak.) Glue those pieces on, then glue on the googly eyes.  Let it dry. 

When it is dry, get your tiny sponge piece wet and squeeze out any extra water.  Fold the sponge in half.  Place the string in the middle of the folded sponge. (If this were a sandwich, the sponge would be the bread and the string would be the meat.) Put the sponge as far inside the cup as you can reach while still holding onto the sponge and the string like the second picture.

Third picture - the noise!  Hold onto the top of the cup.  Squeeze the sponge while pulling it with a jerking motion down the string (Don't squeeze too hard or you will put the string out of the cup!).  If you do this right, it will sound like a chicken!  The kids had a blast making these work! 

Hint:  If you are not getting the right sound, check to make sure you are holding the sponge tightly enough around the string, and that the sponge is damp enough.  If the sponge is too dry, it won't work. 
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