Thursday, April 12, 2012

David and Goliath Story Pieces

David the Shepherd with this sheep

The bear David killed.

The lion David killed.

King Saul

David wearing King Saul's armor that is way too big

David and Goliath (Goliath has a removable head)

I Samuel 17

To make this, a friend and I used the Cricut machine and various cartridges.  To add color and details to the animals, we used soft pastel chalks.  Most of the paper was scrapbook paper.  The silver armor and Goliath's gold armor were made from thin posterboard.  When I tell the story, I use a fabric slingshot and some small pom poms as rocks.

I just purchase the New Testament cartridge!  Can't wait to start creating more!
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  1. So I was wondering if you could make templates of these figures you have on the web page I'm not such a good artist but I love the way your creations turned out.

  2. I do not have any templates yet. I used a machine called a Cricut machine. There are different cartridges that you put into the machine and it cuts these shapes out for you. Then all I had to do was add some pastel coloring to the animals. You can see one of these machines online at

  3. I'm using your photos to cut out as stick puppets for our church's storytime tomorrow. Thank you!

  4. A removable head!!! |The kids would LOVE that >:-)

  5. I have a Cricut, too! Well, I have several of them. I love what you did with the paper dolls. My Sunday School kids will be studying King Saul and David for several weeks. I think I will use your idea for my class. Thanks for sharing.