Monday, July 30, 2012

Guess Who Game

I like to use this Guess Who game to help my children get to know each other better and to get to know our ministers and elders.  I replaced some of the game pieces with pictures of the children and pictures of our ministers and elders. 

In this game, there are two of these game boards. There is also a pile of cards with pictures just like these.  Each team draws a picture from the pile.  That is their person.

Each team attempts to be the first to figure out which picture the other team drew.   It's supposed to be played with two people, but I like to play it with two teams so all the children can participate.  Each team takes turns asking yes or no questions which describe people.  For example, "Is your person wearing a tie?"  If the answer is no, then they knock down all the pictures of people with ties. The next team then asks a question such as, "Is your person bald?'  If the answer is yes, they knock down all the pictures of people who are not bald.  This keeps going until one team feels like they know for sure which picture the other team has.  If they name that person correctly, that team wins. (I blurred out the names on each card for internet purposes.)
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