Monday, October 22, 2012

Night Night Peek-a-boo Book

The children really enjoy this little Peek-a-boo book.  They love looking under each flap to see what is there (even though they were the ones who put the stickers there).  This is a small sampling of the book.  For a full page with photos of how the completed book is done, click here.
I die cut some pieces for the children to tape on to become the flaps.  (I have used the Cricket machine for this as well.) The pieces are flowers, trees, waves, rocks, etc.  The children then put the animal stickers under the flaps and fold the flaps closed.  Then they put star stickers on the top of each page to make a starry night.
The words are "Night night little ______ God loves you.  He watches over you all night through."  This is a song to the tune of "Baa, Baa Black Sheep." (The song was adapted from "Good Night Little ___" from See and Know Bible Songs by Lois Whitaker at Used with permission.)
When the book is complete, we sing each page.  The kids are thrilled to see what is under each flap!
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