Monday, October 1, 2012

Zacchaeus Book from a PowerPoint

I have used many PowerPoints in my Bible Classes.  Then I decided to use the PowerPoint pictures in a different way.  I decided to make books for the kids to take home using those PowerPoint pictures. I found amazing PowerPoints (including this one on Zacchaeus) on a website called  The art is by Henry Martin.  The pictures are just beautiful! I use this PowerPoint to tell the story then make books for the kids.

I printed out the pictures and put them into a book form.  The top picture is the cover page.  The next few pages have the PowerPoint pictures and words glued on them like a normal book.  However, I made a few of the pages unique and interactive (well, sort of).  The following page is the page where Zacchaeus is too short.  I made the page a pop up page (see instructions for pop up pages under Jesus' Miracles on the side of this blog - it's called Jesus Walks on Water Pop Up).  I used the same concept to make this page.  I put the crowd and the words in the front.

I put Zacchaeus on a smaller tab in the back.
 This is what it looks like from the top.
 Another page that I created differently was the page with Zacchaeus climbing the tree.  In the PowerPoint, he moves up the tree.  So in the book, he has to move up the tree too!  I made this page to fold up.  I cut out Zacchaeus and taped him onto the bottom of a piece of clear lamination film leftover from laminating something. He is not attached to the page. I cut a slit in the top of the page (at the top of the tree) with an exacto knife and slid the lamination through from front to back. 
 If I pull on the lamination, Zacchaeus climbs up the tree.
 The rest of the pages are simple like the one below.  Just having a few pages that are interactive is enough to make it exciting.

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